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motorcycle safety

Owning a motorcycle is a pleasure and a responsibility. When you own a bike, you have a duty to yourself and other drivers. Safety should always be your top priority. Riding a motorcycle is always more dangerous than driving a car. Many motorists fail to realize how dangerous riding a motorcycle is. From the moment you hit the road, you need to focus on your safety and the safety of those around you. You can get a huge thrill out […]

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You might think that talking about science fiction, but a bike can also work alone. This is the illusion that the Internet giant, Google, has become reality. The “Ghostrider”, is the name of the invention, it is now seeking permission to be tested through the streets. After starting this summer testing on public roads for the autonomous car, Google now seeks to continue to evolve this technology and want to start testing in California its autonomous road bike. According to […]

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2015 Ariel Ace

The historical British firm returns to two wheels again 45 years later. The Ariel Motor Company, since 2003 only produces radical two-seater Atom sports, handmade manufacture 150 units annually of the Ace, a 173 hp naked with multiple final configuration options. RBW Accelerator , carbon fiber, oversized multi tubular aluminum chassis, V4 engine from Honda VFR1200F, change automatic DCT, ABS, Ohlins suspension, PTO transmission, Nissin calipers from 6 piston control, traction control can be switched off, LCD instrumentation, Dunlop rubbers… […]

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rider training

It takes a lot of practice to improve your riding skills. While a lot of bike riders are interested in getting greater speed, optimal handling and increased control, there are not many people who have the knowledge and experience that is necessary for reaching these goals. Advance Rider Training course will show you how to teach your students the best strategies for mastering their bikes while challenging them and helping them to gain immediate improvements. The following tips for Advance […]

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buying motorbike parts

Owning a motorbike has many other advantages apart from the pleasure the owner gets having maintained it all by him. The feeling the owner gets upon being mobile on his bike, moving from place to place on a bike that was done up by him indigenously, with his own hands is unfathomable. Needless to mention, this self-help technique has in it the benefit of saving a lot of money. People who don’t choose to work for they can opt to […]

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Ford V8 engine

This is probably one of those creations whose originality is in parallel with little use of the invention. It’s a chassis that have gone by attaching to the other motorcycle parts and in which the true protagonist is a V8 engine which comes from a 1937 Ford. At first what is striking to see this machine and its obvious is its engine. With a gold finish gives a classy look, the V8 engine of a 1937 Ford with power looms […]

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Ducati Scrambler

Although Ducati has worked hard and put everything in their power to make the new Scrambler do not see the light before time, got picture in the WDW 2014 has invaded the network which obviously is the tank and the chassis and engine of the Italian machine. Few conclusions can be drawn on the matter more than that secret does not exist… On the occasion of World Ducati Week 2014 in Ducati decided to show what will be one of […]

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Brough Superior

The famous brand of super sport bikes back to the world of competition and makes it through the front door: premiering his new bike in the Motorcycle World Championship. During the Grand Prix from Silverstone the signing of Great Britain will be the coming-out of its Taylormade Carbon 2. If a couple of months the British company already talked about its new model replica for 2015 model, now branded the legendary SS100 confirmed to release their new bike in the […]

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ATV for Kids

It is obviously difficult to answer such a question as “How do I buy cheap ATV?” If any way possible, many individuals wish to combine great quality with good price in getting the ATV for your kid. However, history has not proven this to be as easy, but there’s a way to get that. Maybe a secret that have been hidden from the general public but the fact remains that it is accessible. The first thing to consider is the […]

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Again rumors about large purchases in the motor industry. This time would be the Daimler group, owner of Mercedes, who would be interested in acquiring the Italian factory “Premium” MV Augusta motorcycles. For now, this information has not been confirmed by either party. Already in 2012 the Daimler Group tried to extend its business to two wheels with the acquisition of Ducati, but ultimately was its greatest competitor, the car manufacturer Audi, who took a large stake in the brand […]

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