This new model is significantly improved grip, comfort and maneuverability, which makes it a very good option to shoot in both circuit and for use on the road.

SportSmart 2

After the great success of the SportSmart and thanks to the technology derived directly from the competition tire D2012 GP Pro, Dunlop has put on sale the new SportSmart2, an evolution of its predecessor, with which improves comfort, grip and maneuverability.

The wet grip has been improved thanks a new band of rolling, developed through finite element analysis. The front tire uses a new drawing in “inverted V” in getting more water drainage, while the shoulders of the rear tire, 100% made of silica, with a better contact on the road and greater water dispersion.

With the addition of liquid polymers and various resins of traction tyre, Sportsmart 2 also increases the grip on dry asphalt, also expanding the temperature range where the tire working optimally.

Thanks to technologyJointLess Belt (JLN) technology used in the front tire and JointLess Tread (JLT) technology used for the rear, Dunlop has managed to increase the pressure of the tire footprint, giving greater stability and a *steering response* a 23% faster.

If that was not enough, the manufacturer has reduced the weight of the tires 7% front, 8% rear, thereby decreasing the sprung mass, which in turn improves the maximum speed, heat dissipation and the useful life of the tire.

With all this, the Dunlop engineers have available to bikers, a tire with the quality and specifications of competition, which also can be used for the road.

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