Dunlop extends its offer with a tire ideal for basic motorbikes, citizens, old and classic, looking for a good performance with the latest technology. The StreetSmart arrives to replace Arrowmax D103 and is available for wheels from 16 to 19 inches.

Dunlop StreetSmart

Viejas known as the Suzuki GS500, Honda CB500 or Yamaha Diversion keep rolling through the streets after two decades since its staging market. A recent study has shown that older motorcycles are swept into Europe. In Germany alone, the figures show that the average age of the road motorcycles has gone from 12 to 14 years in the last five years. In addition, sales in Europe show that the classic motorcycles are responsible for more than half of all sales in European markets today.

According to Sharon Antonaros (Director of the business unit of Dunlop motorcycle in Europe, Middle East and Africa): “The market figures reveal that a large majority of the bikers are potential users of StreetSmart. As a large segment of the European population reaches fifty, we note that there is a greater demand for classic motorcycles. This segment, in part, is fueling demand for cutting-edge products, and StreetSmart plays an important role in this lawsuit”.

This new range of tires improves handling and superior ride comfort since the tire offers a new generation of compounds with silica that optimize grip in cold and wet conditions.

“We wanted to offer a classic motorcycle tires have all the advantages of the newly developed tires. The result is the model of Dunlop StreetSmart, which is already available in the market to meet the demand for classic tires with high performance”.

More lightweight and durable
Compared to its predecessor, the weight has been reduced by up to 25% while the larger grooves ensure better water drainage in wet. To help to take more miles, the rear tire StreetSmart has created greater tread depth, while both the front and rear tires have a cosecant curve design to offer greater wear resistance. Finally, the front tire has continuous central grooves which improve steerability and wet adhesion.

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