Being seen is a major concern for all biker. Therefore, GIVI has put on sale the new demi-jet 10.8 Urban-J, a helmet that meets the capacity of night visibility of a firefly, with a modern design.

GIVI 10.8 Urban-J

GIVI has released the new 10.8 Urban-J, a helmet created by current trends in modern, simple and effective designs, incorporating the “Hi Visibility” version, where its yellow shell reflects light, achieving high visibility from a great distance.

In addition to the properties of color, weight and versatility, together with its huge protective screen and its removable neck protector makes this helmet the ideal choice in all weather conditions.

The Italian brand has also set a target to give comfort to the pilot by providing two sizes for the shell (made of techno-polymer) for the user to choose which best fits your head. It also incorporates an inner lining and anti-allergic fabric closure with micrometric adjustment.

The 10.8 Urban-J can be complemented with other accessories as i302B Bluetooth Intercom, to communicate wirelessly during travel, Z1897R anti-fog spray, support for Helmet holder ZH101 or protective for neck and TC400 cervical.

Besides the yellow version, the helmet is available in white/black/matte black, and white/matte black. It is available with sizes from XS to XL and at a price of €105 (VAT included).

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