Gradually the technology is coming to everyday objects. There are bracelets, watches and even “smart” sunglasses. Now comes the turn of the maxi-hull technology, The Skully AR-1, which incorporates a full set of technical advances that make it the most sophisticated motorcycle helmet at the time.

Skully AR-1

The Skully AR-1 has normal external appearance of a helmet, but its “charm” lies in the interior, especially in the visor. This thanks to Head-Up Display (augmented reality) technology that incorporates becomes a screen on which, on the real view of the biker, all kinds of information is projected. For example, the Skully show us on the visor the GPS data without having to take our eyes off the road. In addition, this helmet also includes rearview function. Thanks to a 180º integrated camera installed in the back of the helmet, the rider can see on the screen everything going on around them without having to divert their attention.

Together with these two functions, Skully AR-1 also offers the possibility to synchronize with smartphones. Thus, through the helmet, you can answer calls, listen to music or receive notifications without having to consult the mobile.

According to its American creators, the helmet will offer the traditional protection and therefore has all necessary approvals. It is also water resistant and has a 9 hours battery life.

In order to support the development of this helmet, its creators have sought funding through crowdfunding on the Indiegogo platform. And in little more than two days have managed to raise more than $1 million, much more than the $250,000 that initially asked to start production. In principle, Skully promise to send the first units from the month of May 2015.

The Skully is available in a wide variety of sizes (S- XXL) and two colors (white or black). It costs $1,399 (€1,055) for American users, which rise up to $1,599 (€1,205) for international purchase.

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