Yamaha Motor Europe and Dorna have lasted a year supply agreement for staff scooters of MotoGP moves across by the paddock and circuit facilities.

MotoGP paddock

Small Yamaha Aerox R scooter again flitting around the MotoGP paddock this season, according to the agreement reached between Dorna and Yamaha Motor Europe coinciding with the Jerez GP.

The fleet of 25 scooters will be made to the latest edition of the Aerox R with 2-stroke engine and 50 cc, and specific finishing R that includes a new sports chassis. Each also includes special graphics scooters MotoGP World Championship, and will be used by the tournament staff throughout the season. Yamaha provides the official vehicles in MotoGP since 2005.

Jan Hendrik Krijnen, Division Manager for Yamaha Motor Europe:
“MotoGP is the premier motorcycle World Championship, and Yamaha are proud to partner with this exciting brand. The new Aerox R has been designed to appeal to young drivers with an aggressive style inspired by the racing, and therefore is the logical choice as MotoGP paddock motorcycle”.

Pau Serracanta, Dorna Sports Managing Director Commercial:
“Dorna and Yamaha have worked together for many years and we are happy to use Yamaha scooters also in 2013. These scooters allow us to move through the crowded paddock and circuit installations quickly and make sure everything works as planned”.



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