Yamaha bets on the Tracer 700 and 900. A series on the rise, based on the naked versions, integrates an aggressive and effective semi fairing that provide great versatility.

For daily or to travel, to enjoy on your favorite curves highway, alone or in company. The Yamaha Tracer is the sport-tourism of tomorrow to be lead today. These are very well endowed, encompass a wide range of users, and have a few really affordable prices, making them excellent alternatives within the disputed current market.

Yamaha Tracer 700

Yamaha Tracer 700, New Promotion
The Tracer 700 is available in a limited version at 35kW for new drivers, and with all its power to enjoy the benefits of its particular twin cross-cylinder engine. A very exciting and full of thrust engine that will delight the one who drives it from the moment of engaging the first gear and threading the gas fist. Now, in addition to its attractive starting price, €8,290, Yamaha adds a promotion that includes gift insurance first year, enrollment, and implements new conditions of 0% financing with the MiYamaha program.

Yamaha Tracer 900
For its part, the Tracer 900 already bigger words. Its multi-purpose nature does not give up a powerful three-cylinder engine, all energy, anchored to an aluminum frame and equipped with cutting-edge electronics, with various engine modes, traction control, etc., transports you a step further in the spectrum of strong sensations.

Yamaha Tracer 900

Its strength when facing mountain roads, and its feeling of lightness and agility, combines with the high comfort offered in long journeys, where pilot and companion can enjoy many kilometers without rest and without fatigue. And like the Tracer 700, the Tracer 900 is also available at a very attractive price €11,099, which will surely make you start thinking, As in the case of her younger sister, to make a beautiful dream come true. The brand new one of these stunning Yamaha Tracer.

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