Can-Am Spyder Roadster extended its range of three-wheelers for next year, with an ST version and three trim levels, with the need to reach a wider audience.

Can-Am Spyder ST Roadster

For 2013, the Canadian Can-Am included in its range the Spyder Roadster ST standing as the average sports model RS and RT Touring of this three-wheeled vehicle that can be driven with car license.

With a more relaxed ergonomics and better wind protection than the RS. The windshield can be set manually as the handlebar and stirrups to reduce knee flexion.

The ST is powered by a Rotax 998 V-Twin engine with Ride-by-Wire control, and features a multifunction color display, adjustable passenger floorboards, a security system with digital encryption and 44 liters of storage.

All Spyder 2013 models will feature a new stiffer chassis, revised suspension, new front fenders, 15-inch wheels with low profile tires, new Brembo brake calipers, and improvements to the ABS system, as well as the engine management system.

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