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2013 Gas Gas TX Randonne

Halfway between the trial and the endurance, the new 2013 Gas Gas TX Randonne renews its aesthetics with new colors and new headlights and headlight holder.

2013 Gas Gas TX Randonne

Gas Gas continues slowly unveiling its new products for the coming year, and this time it is the turn of the new 2013 TX Randonne. Aesthetic level also wanted to differentiate this particular model decorated predominantly in white over black and red.

The TX Randonne is designed for practicing all disciplines of offroad with one frame and therefore the seat, more ergonomic, may take the position that you prefer at all times.

To improve performance in the areas of trial, this model has the same angle of launch that the TXT Pro 2013, as well as the pump and clutch and Braktec AJP brake. There is also an extra kit pinion and crown with a new relationship 9/46 is also included so that the bike has more bass. Other developments include the improved sealing the air filter and the starter cable with extra regulation

The TX Randonne already on sale with a displacement of 125cc and a price of 3578.73 euros.

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