Today: July 25, 2024
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2013 Honda CBR250R

American Honda has announced new colors for the CBR250, among which Repsol replica decoration as the motorcycle used by the HRC team in the MotoGP world.

Honda CBR250R

After its introduction last year, the main changes for 2013 model only pass through the new decorations. As it was already happened previously in other R models of the Golden wing brand, Honda again dressing one of their bikes with the MotoGP bike decoration.

For those who do not like to draw much attention, there will also be a version pearl white, black and red. Moreover, it is black exhaust cover, matching tires. Interestingly, the Repsol version is the only one not equips ABS.

Otherwise, everything remains unchanged in this sport-economic tourism, using the same 25 hp single cylinder engine seen.

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