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2013 Honda Forza 300

Without touching the original aesthetic, much like Japanese tuning, has been stripped of unnecessary technology that made it the most expensive segment. Now, with the Scoopy 300 engine and a tight price, is offered as a logical choice and highly recommended.

Honda Forza 300

The Honda Forza has always been a scooter that enters the eye, and it still is. That aesthetic halfway between a sporty GT and a tuning scooter in the purest Japanese style has permeated and embedded beyond Japanese borders. The tuning of the Forza air is represented by the short and tinted screen; the use of motorcycle handlebars and turrets anchors the front sight and double bulky optics, among others.

Forza the third generation has brought a slight redesign aesthetic without losing the essential features of the model, but the real highlight is the “new” engine. Actually again not because it is the single cylinder equips already Scoopy 300, one of the best motors in category: powerful, reliable and with an exquisite touch. Another important aspect is that it has overlooked a number of “fanfare” as the sequential shift technology or proximity key, not too necessary equipment was raising its price to be the most expensive average engine segment. Now the new Forza 300 is aligned with the direct competition with logical price of 4,699 euros (€5,129 with ABS).

The increase in displacement and power was a necessary change no longer just for being in the line of virtually all models of the fixed displacement media, but that the old Forza has always been thrown up their low power, apart from the odd transmission problem dragging certain faults over the miles. A tried and failed engine has no more than satisfaction to the users who have used it. In Forza declare something (just over three CV) less power than the SH300 but virtually the same torque.

Which is something tangible is the rapid acceleration (although not as explosive as the Scoopy) and feel totally free of vibrations. The standing start is one of the strengths of Forza, is topped with a very satisfying midrange in all circumstances. The top speed, about 150 km/h of marker, ensures its effectiveness when driving on the motorway and expressway. This is where designer remember what happened to that put such a small screen that protects nothing the town area at high speeds. Looks good aesthetically but is impractical.

The Forza scooter remains a contained dimensions and weight perfectly well distributed according to their volume, also a low seat from where anybody comes down smoothly. This is thanks to stroll in town and move it in standing. Especially effective is on twisty roads, where it changes direction quickly and accurately, also does not strike the stand, nor with any other element. The downside lies in the driver’s livability is somewhat reduced. In fact if you measure from 1.85 meters below may kneel in touch with the shield. Huge support available to the driver picks up good lumbar, but does stop and not allow that you take back the lead.

The redesigned chassis is part of the “blame” for their good dynamic performance, but also made it possible to make a slightly larger hole under the seat (62 liters capacity), which fit two helmets. The load capacity is completed with two deep glove boxes, one with a lock. You no longer have “smart key”, has a normal touchdown and current, to the sides it has two buttons to easily open the seat and lid which gives access to the cap of the fuel tank. The new control panel, the classic style with several spheres “needles”, it has a small screen which shows fuel consumption in real time. In an effort to Honda lead to security have built a new front position lights placed on the indicators that are always on.

Scheme has combined braking and powerful that can combine with ABS for just an increase of 430 euros, something highly recommended because it works perfectly and allows the scooter to stop a few meters without losing control.