Evolution rather than revolution: that is the maximum of Honda for MotoGP 2013. Few details on the bike to improve the reference was last year and preparing for the change of rules in 2014.

2013 Honda RC213V MotoGP

It’s easier pulling teeth to tell the head of HRC that reveals the secrets of the bike earlier in the season, and not for lack of insistence.

First, the greater weight of the bike due to the new regulations, unlike last year, its have had time to digest. The past 2012 was very controversial because, by regulation, increased the weight of the bike in December when HRC already had developed. This forced them to weigh down the set and Honda mentioned this reason as the cause of the chattering problems that suffered until the evolution of the bike presented at Laguna Seca.

The second has been the increased power. It has always been said that Honda exceeds its design problems on the basis of add horsepower to engine, the power figures of its MotoGP is one of the best kept secrets. If declared as over 250 hp last year, where is the limit this year?

Changes in the colors and design are notable. Literally change black to white in the keel, added a white stripe in the fairing and continue for the color change also in the subframe. On tastes there is nothing in writing, but the new design of the RC213V liked very much to all.

In any case, we will have to wait for the pre-season test to see the final design of the bike because it did not appear all the sponsors.

Length: 2052 mm
Width: 645 mm
Height: 1,110 mm
Wheelbase: 1,435 mm
Weight: 157 kg (2012).

Cooling: liquid
Cycle: 4 stroke, 4-valve DOHC
Configuration: V-4
Displacement: 1000cc
Maximum power: Over 170 KW [230 hp]

Front: Ohlins inverted fork
Rear: Pro-link

Double aluminum beam

Brand: Bridgestone
Front and rear: 16.5″

Capacity: 21 liters.

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