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2013 Suzuki GW250 Inazuma

Suzuki attacks the market of the motorcycles with a naked of initiation manufactured in China, inspired by the lines of the B-King and by less than €4,000. The Inazuma is one of the strongest bets Hamamatsu brand for next year.

Suzuki GW250 Inazuma

The segment of low capacity motorcycles is fashionable. Suzuki has kept pace with Hyosung, Daelim and KTM, improving the concept and betting on a naked whose design has nothing to envy the large models. An economical product, reliable, simple and low cost that will delight users who do not want a scooter to move between urban traffic and do not reuse the odd fling for favorite winding road.

In China, the Inazuma sold a year ago. The commitment of the brand for this model is very strong because it means the first product produced in China, always under the strict quality standards of the “S” brand, of course.

For dimensions, design and good looks like you’re facing a 500 and that is the lnazuma is the best example of that long ago that small displacements are no longer synonymous with “tacky”. Its dual silent integrated turn or pollock rounded lines are some of its arguments. The seat is low (at 78 cm from the floor), comfortable and ideal for carrying passengers. The handlebars on the shank and foot pegs that will accommodate you as low an action as natural.

Dual mode
The mechanics of the Suzuki Inazuma (GSR250 in Japan) relies on a set of 250 cc parallel water cooled twin cylinder with Mikuni electronic fuel injection, 24 hp at 8,500 rpm, 22 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm and balance shaft to reduce vibration. Costing €3899 does not mean that is at odds with technology. It has “gadgets” typical Suzuki as ISC valve idle control (really helps soften the response when downshifting) and PAIR system (redirects air from outside into the exhaust valves to burn more gas and less pollute).

Another of its strengths is the ability to choose between ECO driving mode or NORMAL (selectable with the SEL and ADJ board). Depending on our preferences, you can leave that the Inazuma “advises” you indicating you to what revolutions you should change, by a flash of white LED instrumentation. The personality of this “bi” is based on neutrality and great resilience. Clearly, the long-stroke engine has been a good choice to get a good dose of torque at low and medium engine speeds. Always respond in gear, is soft, sweet and no potholes. Don’t requests upload beyond the 9,000 rpm..

Under the seen and making efficient driving, its 13.3 liter tank would spare to cover a theoretical range of 350 miles with no problems.

Closing the Ring
The chassis of the Suzuki Inazuma is more conventional, using a simple chassis folded open wedge of steel and Kayaba suspension to which must not require the work of a sport bike. The only ‘but’ this stunning naked is that soon pick it up, and low-speed landing gear is something clumsy reactions, agility in the fast direction changes to undermine something. Perhaps, the front tire manufactured by the Japanese IRC with 80 mm height is causing it.

The front brake falls on one disc and dual-piston Nissin caliper. On the other hand, striking the large information reflected in the instrumentation, better than some more expensive bikes, including gear position, fuel level and warning intervals.

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