Today: June 24, 2024
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2014 Kawasaki Z1000 by Rizoma

The Japanese firm took the last Milan show to bring out one of its big bets for next year. The new Z1000 takes a striking design and Rhizome, like the Z800, has already prepared a line of fully customized accessories.

2014 Kawasaki Z1000

If, according to the words of the head of design of Kawasaki, Keishu Fukumoto, the appearance of the Z1000 can be compared with that of a panther on the prowl, Rizoma work contributes to the image of this predator is more elegant, sinuous and aggressive even if possible. A comprehensive range of bespoke accessories ranging from the rear brake lever to the brake and clutch, from the stopper for fuel tank until guards motor and carter, from the kit of stickers to the tuition and the dome holder.

The prestigious motorcycle accessories embellished with your touch “Made in Italy” the new Japanese gem. With a strong creative personality, Rizoma knows how to capture the essence of their partners and raise it to the maximum power without sacrificing its identity, as the simplicity of its lines and attention to detail. Only this way there can be born a line done to measurement for worthy Kawasaki of the best of the tailors.

This specific collection is added other items such as the now famous Pro Guard System, mirrors, grips and intermittent, which have become converted to Rhizome in synonymous of quality guarantee and excellence into the whole world and which, with its adaptability and precision, are compatible with different models of motorcycles, including of course the Z1000.