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2014 Yamaha R1

Although it has been speculated that it might be a R6, MCN Australia notes that the bike in the picture is the new 2014 Yamaha YZF-R1, hunted circuit during testing.

2014 Yamaha R1

Since the Japanese firm unveiled at the Intermot its new three-cylinder engine with cross-plane crankshaft, many enthusiasts of the brand speculated with a R1 much more narrow and lightweight. However, MCN Australia says the new 2014 R1 will stay true to the four-cylinder configuration, and Yamaha is focusing bike improvements in weight reduction, mass concentration and aerodynamic improvements.

The three-cylinder engine would be earmarked for Supersport machines of between 600 cc and 750 cc. In this regard, another reason to exclude the three-cylinder engine for R1 sporting regulations would require displacement greater than 999 cc.

Returning to the little pictures that show the two components that are pointed toward the new R1 more than toward the R6 are in principle only the muffler, relocated in an obvious attempt to improve the centralization of masses and lower the weight, and the swingarm.

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