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2015 MV Agusta Stradale 800: Sports versatility

The new Stradale comes to all driving enthusiasts. A completely touring design, in which the charms of a signature as MV coexist with comfort and ergonomics.

2015 MV Agusta Stradale 800

The signing of Varese, known worldwide for its undeniable charm for sports bikes and overflowing aggressiveness in each of its axes, has created a motorcycle that baby of all members of the family to create an own aura, but equally seductive. It’s the Stradale 800, a motorcycle than for guys of MV Agusta is “the best bike for any road”.

Its 798 cc three-cylinder engine achieves an output of 115 hp at 11,000 rpm power, with 78.5 Nm of torque. A versatile set that keeps on having a brilliant acceleration. The engine is also new, where striking the counter rotating crankshaft, perfect for direction changes are softer, and the bike is mastered with ease.

The Italians engineers wanted to take the best of each model to insert it seamlessly into an entirely different set, a sport-tourism. With a wheelbase 30 mm higher than the Rivale, thanks to the extension of the swing, the Stradale is notable for its powerful traction. A conception that grows when you find the pitchfork Marzocchi 150mm of trips.

It seems that the commitment of MV Agusta with Stradale is directly related to ergonomics and comfort. And it is in this area where we located one of the unprecedented innovations in the brand, is that the seat height is 10 mm lower than the Rivale (870 mm) which gives the biker a truly engaging driving position.

From a design perspective, the Stradale is a jewel of sport-tourism engineering. A versatile front that surrounds the biker within the structure itself, which gives the Stradale one of its most exclusive signs. Two side cases intensify even further its essence touring, which also has a larger tank than the Rivale (16 liters +4 in reserve).

As for electronics, the new Stradale boasts the MVICs (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) vanguard system, which includes, among other features, the Ride by Wire accelerator. The Stradale has four power maps, each according to the needs of the driver and the road. The ‘Sport’ mode facilitates the delivery of the 115 hp, while the ‘Normal’ power is at 90 hp and a smoother throttle response.

It has Bosch ABS 9 Plus, which guarantees absolute rear wheel contact with the road, even when a sharp slowdown occurs. This, together with a fully sequential gearbox, and a shifter with electronic assistance, make the Stradale in a single vehicle. All this at a price of 14,395 euro.