Today: May 19, 2024
admin Posted on 3:35 am

290 km of autonomy promises the ZEV LRC-X

Currently there are few manufacturers who have dared to launch an electric propulsion maxiscooter. One is the North American ZEV, which just unveiled the details of its new ZEV LRC-X.


Its price in the US is $15,950, something more than 15,000 euro prohibitive. ZEV ensures that they will launch the model in Europe under the standards of performance of the A1 card, therefore with own power 15 hp models of 125 cc.

This new maxiscooter says to beat in everything the BMW C evolution (test BMW C evolution), which was revised in its 2017 version. At a constant speed of 90 km/h to 290 km ensures autonomy and 110 km/h about 160 kilometers. The secret is a more capable battery with 36 cells and 100 amps. The maximum turning moment is of impression, 400 Nm.

The maximum speed of ZEV LRC-X is 153 km/h, not gives more due to the profile of the appropriate rims for a maxiscooter. ZEV also says that it will offer a pack with ‘Race mode’ to maximize the power in the acceleration of maxiscooter. Another detail of interest is the seat height, particularly low because only rises to 711 mm from the ground.

We hope to have more information on the model and its availability in Europe before the end of the year.