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Asterisk Custom Bikes Avanzare

The Japanese Asterisk Custom Bikes Avanzare is the winner of the latest Custom Bike Show in Los Angeles. Its origin is a Harley-Davidson Sportster with many hours of work in tow.

Asterisk Custom Bikes Avanzare

Japan can boast several of the best trainers of motorcycles at the international level and Hideki Hoshikawa, owner of Asterisk Custom Bikes, is without doubt one of them.

One of its latest creations is the Avanzare, a preparation on a winning Harley-Davidson Sportster of the last championship contest of customization of Los Angeles, USA.

Its origin departs of the order from a customer who asked for a different bike granting full creativity and a hefty budget. The dream of any trainer. Hideki did not miss the opportunity and following his usual line preparations on Harley-Davidson models chose a 1200 Sportster to transform it into a Cafe Racer current, as defined by the own Hideki.

Little remains of the original Sportster with the exception of its voluminous and characteristic V-twin engine. From now on its right side looks a twisted and spectacular escape Hoshikawa 2-in-1 handmade soldier and watch it on a regular enduro bike than a Harley, but that is perfectly adapted.

Improve the suspensions has been one of its main objectives by what has been invested in the Ohlins firm, inverted fork and rear shock multiregulables to none of the Swedish house. For braking has relied on two-piston radial calipers.

The subframe is made of new creation aluminum and holds a minimalist tail that next to the metal and narrow fuel tank front round headlamp and perfectly finishing make the Avanzare look that style Cafe Racer current seeking Hideki.

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