The Italian manufacturer launches new helmet for enduro and motocross that bets for a major internal comfort. It offers a contemporary design, is available in four colors and only costs €150.

AXO Jump SX10

For this new AXO helmet has fundamental premise achieve maximum rigidity and lightness in the shell, in addition to using a wide brim, chin strap with air inlet and an interior padded fleece.

The manufacture of the shell of the SX10 Jump in thermoplastic resin gives the helmet a overwhelming resistance and a significant absorption capacity against any kind of impact. The helmet features a strap closure with double ring.

The Jump SX10 features an internal filling favoring damping the residual energy of a blow or shake themselves off road driving. This padding achieves optimal fit of the helmet to the rider’s head and is removable and washable. Furthermore, the filling is made of a fabric that evacuates the perspiration, thus avoiding bad odors.

The signing of Treviso has also incorporated air inlets in the front and extractors in the rear to favor correct ventilation in the interior. The Jump SX10 costs €150.04 (VAT included) and is available in white, orange, red and yellow. The available sizes range from XS to XL.

The Jump SX10 can be complemented with the use of glasses AXO SR, priced at €29.04 (VAT included).

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