Today: May 24, 2024
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AXO Waterloo EVO Boots: Comfort and safety on a daily basis

The Italian firm is ahead spring temperatures with shoes aimed at the urban user who needs to feel safe and do not want to sacrifice a contemporary design, all at a competitive price.

AXO Waterloo EVO Boots

A few days after the arrival of spring and milder temperatures, short rod shoes or boots are becoming increasingly essential in urban routes. Even become good partners in the months ahead, with sudden weather changes. The new Waterloo Evo are a good option for motorists who drive daily protected by the city, as they have been developed with waterproof qualities without renouncing to elegance and style of the Italian brand.

AXO brings to the market a few short boots comfortable and safe for the rider of the city. The Waterloo Evo are made ​​of fine leather on the outside and come with plastic reinforcements in the malleolus area to avoid any type of ankle injury. It has strengthened the instep area, so not damaged by rubbing with the shifter and to prevent slipping of the foot on the footrest feature a non-slip rubber sole.

They are 100% waterproof thanks to its waterproof leather garment, which prevents the passage of water and cold. In addition, they incorporate a waterproofing membrane in its interior, which further isolates the foot still seeps from the outside. To increase the comfort, have a headliner in soft fabric, breathable and anti-sweat as well as with anatomic antibacterial insoles removable and washable.

The Waterloo Evo boots are available in sizes ranging from 37 to 47, with a value to consider, as its retail price is 110 euros (VAT included).