Today: May 19, 2024
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BMW C evolution: Electric scooter of the German firm is already a reality

BMW Motorrad fully enters the world of eco scooter with the new C evolution, electric motor scooter that after years of evolution seems to soon see the light.

BMW C evolution

The whole propeller C evolution is formed by the swing with permanent water-cooled synchronous motor, timing belt and gearbox planetary gear. The nominal power of 11kW (15hp) and maximum power is 35kW (47.5hp). The C evolution reaches a top speed of 120 km/h (limited electronically) and has a capacity of acceleration than some other maxi-scooter with combustion engine of 600cc. The capacity of 8kWh of air-cooled lithium-ion battery enables that C evolution to a distance up to 100 miles before having to connect it to a household outlet to recharge.

Assuming the battery is fully discharged, the charging time is about 4 hours when plugged into a normal household current of 220V and 12A (220V/16A = 3 hours). It has recovery of intelligent charging and four driving modes. Recovery takes effect automatically during deceleration and, moreover, when the braking system is activated.

The driver of a C evolution can choose between four driving modes. Activating the “Road” mode provides the maximum acceleration capacity, 50 percent of resilience when decelerating and 100 percent of capacity recovery during braking. If the “Eco Pro” mode is activated, it limits the ability of acceleration and, therefore, the power consumption is reduced. In turn, the resilience is high. In the “Sail” mode, no energy is recovered during the deceleration phase as the C evolution seems to be planning freely without braking effect when the driver stops accelerating. If the driver chooses a particularly dynamic driving style, you must enable the “Dynamic” mode to provide maximum acceleration capacity and, at once, a great resilience.

C evolution chassis does not have a conventional frame. The central element consists of the casting of injected aluminum that houses the battery, and that supports for steel pipe stem, as well as for the swinging single and the structure of the sub-frame of steel tubing. The suspension and damping function is run ahead of an inverted telescopic fork and behind a strut mounted on the left side. The C evolution comes standard with ABS, disc brakes combined with high performance.

The C evolution system features torque control (TCA, Torque Control Assist), similar to automatic stability control used in the BMW brand motorcycles fitted with a combustion engine. The TCA system limits the torque according to the slipping of the rear wheel.

To allow the driver to optimally control when driving maxi-scooter, the control electronics monitors the electric motor rotational speed of the rear wheel. If rotated at a speed that the system considers not plausible, the torque reduction occurs. The TCA system helps the driver especially when starting; preventing the rear wheel skid on causeways of low-friction (for example, wet cobblestones).