The R 1150 is a perfect base for developing a cafe racer, a powerful and highly customizable naked coming from Italy to delight us with good taste.

BMW R 1150

About Tuscany comes this BMW R 1150 developed by Garagefd. A bike that has been known to modify the essential parts and make a colorful and very stylish cafe racer.

The fuel tank has been modified, has had to tighten 5cm to install the seat. The fuel cap is decorated with the logo of coach, a common seal. As for painting, there have been too complicated, have always resorted to an effective black combined with fine white lines.

The subframe has been completely modified to anchor the seat, which by the way until the upholstery is handmade, and pollock in the style cafe racer. The rear is completely clean, i.e., no bag for passenger or stirrups or no support except for the exhaust, which runs along the left side. The front fender is made of aluminum and is also handmade.

As for the engine few changes, deleted the filter box and the original filters have been replaced by a BMC. Leaks are two thermal bands just at the exit of the cylinders. The Brembo master cylinders are from a Ducati.

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