Bridgestone has launched the Exedra Max touring tire for GT bikes. Available in radial and diagonal, structure in 20 steps to 20 for rear and front tire, Exedra Max will be aimed at users that cover long distances.

Bridgestone Exedra Max

To develop the Exedra Max, Bridgestone has taken the best of the current Exedra range and has worked hard on four aspects: mileage, *stability, handling and grip on dry and wet surfaces.

According to Vincent Van Houtte (Senior Director of Motorcycle Tyre Products, Bridgestone Europe): “Bridgestone has many years of experience in tire technology for large displacement motorcycles worldwide. The Exedra Max has applied this knowledge in a basic design that provides the latest advances in driving comfort in all kinds of large displacement big bikes”.

Structure and Compounds
The advanced polymer compounds tire fit any measure, optimize performance and mileage in each model. Tested on a variety of roads worldwide, the new Exedra Max design ensures excellent stability and fast response. Its have been optimized to reduce noise and improve efficiency for conduction, comfortable, smooth and economical.

The design of inverted V-shaped grooves helps to reduce wear, while maximizing the grip in any condition. The position of grooves on both flanks is designed to improve the linear driving and the feeling of rigidity, even in very heavy motorcycles. In the design of the front tire, the central sulcus, improving wet grip and the sensation of touch. In turn, the rear tire has a central segment with small grooves and a larger contact area for increased traction and wear resistance.

The straight line stability is one of the most important on long trips. Bridgestone has designed the Exedra Max rear tire with a particularly long curve shape to provide stability and comfort on straight roads.

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