If you want to increase the capacity of your bike with quality and style, Shad makes it easy. Its new side bags SH36 allow you to carry everything you need for your travels in comfort and easy attachment to all kinds of bikes.

Shad SH36

The main novelty introduced with its side bags Shad SH36 is the new attachment system, the 3P System, which makes the bag is fully integrated into the bike. The scooter suitcase bonding is performed by a single bracket in which the three points of fixation of the case can support. This feature allows for air circulation and a slight oscillation, which avoids problems that could cause a more flat and rigid suitcases.

The capacity is another of the strengths of the new bags developed by Shad. Since the Catalan company have managed to maximize the space to achieve a sufficient capacity to accommodate a modular helmet size XXL.

The SH36 feature an aerodynamic shape that offers greater security and stability when riding. In addition, the new structural framework incorporating provides great rigidity and sealing, making them lighter.

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