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Crosshelmet X1

When we talked about the Crosshelmet X1 a couple of weeks ago, the interest aroused by this helmet that aspires to revolutionize the industry was enormous. Tens of thousands of readers, more or less critical, were interested in this project born in Tokyo. The idea is not new, we already live a similar experience (at least in part) with Skully, but the way of carrying and advertising is. When we discovered it we did not take long to contact them […]

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NZI Premium S helmet

The integral NZI Premium S helmet comes to the market with new decorations, Jazzy and Stylus. This type of helmet is the one that provides greater safety to the biker and now you can choose between a more sporty or more classic style. The new NZI Premium S Jazzy or Stylus style is available in specialized stores at a price of 239.99 euro. On the other hand, you will have a multipurpose helmet, made of fiber, with a screen that […]

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used motorcycle parts

If you own a motorcycle then it’s important to realise that there will be times when things go wrong and parts need to be replaced. Of course, you can take your bike to be repaired, and ask the garage to source the parts for you, but this can be a more expensive option. You can also choose to purchase the parts yourself and either complete the repairs or take your bike and parts to a professional. We are going to […]

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harley davidson milwaukee eight engine

Harley-Davidson is not given to many mechanical innovations with the step of the years in its models, that’s why it is remarkable the new engine Milwaukee-Eight that will enjoy all models touring of the American house from their 2015 versions. This includes the Road King and different versions Glide (Street, Road or Ultra). There will be two versions, Milwaukee-Eight 107 with 1745 cc models for standard versions and Milwaukee-Eight 114 with 1,870 cc for Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) versions. This […]

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Dunlop Roadsmart III

Best tire manufacturers differ from the rest in that basically invest large sums of money in testing their products and have the best engineers to develop them. This is reflected perfectly in the development of the tire Dunlop Roadsmart III, specially designed for Sport Touring motorcycles. This wheel will come in January 2016 in 18 different sizes. Dunlop has shot a whopping 1.2 million kilometers over a period of 31 months to find appropriate drawing and composition. The key is […]

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bagster friendy

Pet owners have a problem to solve when they have to transport their animals by motorcycle. If your dog, cat or other pet is not too great a tank bag adapted as Bagster Friendly may be the solution. Keep in mind that is adapted for animals less than 8 kilograms and is not waterproof, so it is not suitable for use in rain. Bagster Friendly is 45 centimeters long and 33 wide and 30 high, in addition to 30 liters […]

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X-Lite X-661

Functionality, comfort and affordable price, here are the needs of those seeking a full-face helmet suitable for long journeys. For their X-lite offers X-661. X-661 is the touring helmet of the X-lite that preserves, however, decidedly sporty soul. Developed in three outer shell sizes (made of composite fibers), this helmet is characterized by the attractive design of the air intakes and rear spoiler, as well as the presence of VPS (Vision Protection System) internal sunscreen, adjustable various positions.

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Navigator Prototype 537-8

The Belgian designer Nathan Dearsley, pulling an impressive imagination has taken the first steps towards what could be the center of the future. Although the design may vary from these sketches, there is no doubt that electronic proposing end up being included in the coming years. We’re used to seeing propositions of thousands of designers what they considered to be the future of certain products. It is something that has been doing for centuries, the human mind always goes beyond […]

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helite airbag

The French brand is a pioneer in this field, and now unveiled a new airbag concept, much safer and effective for the biker as well as being cheaper. It seems that security is finally accessible to most. The staging of the airbag in the world of the bike did not go unnoticed at any time. An innovative accessory and that responded one of the main concerns of our guild, the security on top of the motorcycle. Many people will remember […]

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Triumph TFC1-Bobber

Another Triumph gems that showed us in the hall of Milan was this Bonneville concept customized to bobber style: sleek minimalism and unsweetened fresh from the factory. A mount with retro image and technical solutions of last generation. The incredible engineering work that has incorporated the factory team to the winding TFC1-Bobber begins with a rigid twin tube with single-sided swingarm, a front suspension fox fork adjustable from the handlebars and Brembo radial four piston front brake caliper.

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