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Ducati DVT

Ducati unveils first motorcycle engine with variable valve timing on both inlet and exhaust sides. Its called Ducati Testastretta DVT (Desmodromic Variable Timing), the new two-cylinder will debut in the third generation of the Multistrada 1200. This variable distribution system can work continuously adjust the valves to act independently on the intake camshaft and the exhaust. The system optimizes engine performance throughout the entire rev range and in all operating conditions to ensure maximum power, smoother delivery, high torque and […]

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GIVI converts Kawasaki Ninja 300

The Italian firm wanted to complete the last initiation sports model launched by Kawasaki. With Accessory Kit Givi, the Ninja 300 win many points in elegance and aerodynamics, but without losing only one apex of its sporty identity. Kawasaki introduced two years ago the Ninja 300, a perfect sporty model to start the ride of sport bikes. GIVI did not want to miss the opportunity and presented a kit of exclusive accessories for the Ninja 300, and reinforce its sporty […]

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LightMode Helmets

Visibility is a fundamental aspect for the safety of the rider, especially during night driving. Therefore, the company LightMode Helmets has developed a electro kit that sticks to the hull and allow you to be more visible at night. Through the KickStarter funding platform, the guys of LightMode Helmets have managed fundraising enough to turn its project into reality. LightMode Helmets aims to evolve the hulls of life providing lighting so drivers have better visibility when they go over the […]

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Skully AR-1

Gradually the technology is coming to everyday objects. There are bracelets, watches and even “smart” sunglasses. Now comes the turn of the maxi-hull technology, The Skully AR-1, which incorporates a full set of technical advances that make it the most sophisticated motorcycle helmet at the time. The Skully AR-1 has normal external appearance of a helmet, but its “charm” lies in the interior, especially in the visor. This thanks to Head-Up Display (augmented reality) technology that incorporates becomes a screen […]

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GIVI Trekker Outback Trunks

If you are considering expanding the capacity of your bike trail to save everything you need to take a summer trip, GIVI has developed a new rear trunk Trekker Outback that complete the range of aluminum by the Italian manufacturer. In this case GIVI has designed two 42 and 58 liters rear bags capacity in finished aluminum and matte black. The smaller version has enough to house a full face helmet space, while in 58 liters can carry up to […]

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Thomas Thorne Racing Helmet

The designer Thomas Thorne presents its vision of how will evolve Motorcycle helmets over the coming years to become plagued sophisticated models of electronic gadgets able to inform and help at all times to users. Will we see a day in the street? If there is something that allows internet is above any other media, globalization, but not only the material, it is also of ideas. The communication which we enjoy today, we get to discover ideas that otherwise would […]

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Dry Helmet

One of the most annoying problems for motorists is accumulated in the town, especially in sweat hot days. To fix this, the Italian firm Capit has developed helmet dryer Dry Helmet, which removes in minutes all traces of moisture from the inside. Whether it’s after a long route, after shot in circuit or after a stroll through the city, the town suffers. It sweat accumulates, humidity, dirt… disadvantages are exacerbated if the outside temperature is high it accumulates. All this […]

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Tucano Urbano jacket

For excessive summer heat is not a problem when driving a motorcycle, Tucano Urbano has developed ventilated jacket Atitlan, with male and female version. With this garment, plus driving without the burdens of high temperatures, you’ll go protected and stylish. Tucano Urbano has presented ventilated jacket Atitlan, a garment that keeps the distinctive features of the product line of Italian signature: high technical qualities with an attractive design and high security.

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Shad SH36

If you want to increase the capacity of your bike with quality and style, Shad makes it easy. Its new side bags SH36 allow you to carry everything you need for your travels in comfort and easy attachment to all kinds of bikes. The main novelty introduced with its side bags Shad SH36 is the new attachment system, the 3P System, which makes the bag is fully integrated into the bike. The scooter suitcase bonding is performed by a single […]

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Iron Man helmet

Special Helmets are many different replicas also, but very few superheroes that use helmet and even less of those who may have one to ride a bike. If you are a fan of Iron Man, you’re in luck. Tony Edward Stark and his alter ego Iron Man is, undoubtedly one of the top superheroes of the comic world and from the end of the first decade of this century also the world of celluloid. The interpretation of Robert Downey Jr. […]

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