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suspension of a motorcycle

The suspensions are one of the most important points of our motorcycle. The good dynamic behavior of the whole bike depends on them. Do not think that it is something unimportant; on the contrary; it is something that you should not overlook. A good adjustment of the suspension will improve the stability underway, ensure the best response of the bike, get the most out of it and also take care of your own safety. To know how to tune the […]

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change clutch plates

The multiple clutch plates in oil, like all of them, work by sliding some pieces against others. This sooner or later causes its wear, but it is something very easy to solve. Let’s remind you of the theory of the operation of a clutch: Its function is to isolate the movement of the engine from that of the rear wheel. The operation is simple, since it consists of a series of plates that are very tight against each other, so […]

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change fork oil

The fork is losing effectiveness with the use, but as it does so constantly and very slowly you do not realize. Oil changes the returns to its original settings. Changing fork oil is not exactly easy in most cases. In some old forks, without hydraulic cartridge systems, it is possible to find drainage openings with a screw on the bottom of the bottles, which facilitate the operation, but the current forks require that you remove them from the motorcycle, which […]

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bike repairs

If you use your bike very often, you know how important it is to you, whether you use it to ride to work or you only use it recreationally or for exercise. You probably spent a good deal of money on your bike to make sure that you purchased one that would last for many years to come and would provide you with the comfort you need during longer rides. But no matter what type of bike you purchased, or […]

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