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It is called E-LisaBad and has designed and built by Rolf Reick from Krautmotors, a workshop based in Heidelberg. Rolf has an industrial design background, and when he does not build special, he teaches product design and multimedia at Mannheim. A curiosity: E-LisaBad is a tribute to Reick’s grandmother’s name, or rather to the square shapes of anthea tea service, in art deco style and designed by Dane Erik Magnussen in the 1920s, so much to the mind of young […]

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2017 BMW K 1600 B

That BMW has chosen a city in United States to present to the world their new Bagger is no coincidence. In that country the bikes of this type enjoy a “sweet” moment and this trend has made the Harley-Davidson Street Glide enjoy a very great acceptance, and that to its around have released similar models of competition which are also very much in demand. The new BMW K 1600 B is characterized by a “Streamlining” design, something obligatory on a […]

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BMW G 310 R

The new BMW G 310 R has a date to market, and will be in October. With a single cylinder, powerful and energetic the BMW G 310 R is the essence of a BMW roadster. The BMW G 310 R will be for many people their first bike has as remarkable feature innovative single-cylinder engine, water-cooled, with two overhead camshafts, a milestone for BMW. The cylinder is tilted backwards, with the air intake in the front. Its power is 25 […]

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BMW C 650 GT and C 650 Sport

BMW has said to us in Valencia to make a first contact with the new C 650 Sport and C 650 GT. The first thing that attracts attention is that they share more things in their respective classifications. Although they were both driven by the same 647 cc parallel twin-cylinder, the sporty was named C 600 S and the touristy C 650 GT. But that has changed, because from now both will be “C 650”, differing only in the symbol […]

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BMW G 310

BMW has unveiled its future small-displacement naked bike, The G 310, with cylinder engine. We have already seen spy shots of small BMW naked type, with single cylinder engine of about 300cc or 400cc, but now when it becomes official, but still a prototype, The BMW G 310. This is a bike radical image (stunt, define the Germans) with an engine that has the head rotated 180 degrees, with the admission by the front and the exhaust outlet from the […]

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BMW Motorrad

The 360 Safety Program BMW Motorrad aims to gradually improve the active safety of its models. The last of their technologies is the dynamic brake light of BMW Motorrad. It will be available as an option next to the ABS Pro in R 1200 GS models (test BMW R 1200 GS), R 1200 GS Adventure and S 1000 XR 2016 (test BMW S 1000 XR). And standard on the K 1600 GT, GTL and GTL Exclusive. This new system has […]

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2015 BMW S1000XR

BMW expands its family trail with a new asphalt sport mount driven four-cylinder mechanics of the S1000R and most electronic gadgets currently available by the German firm. This is the maxi-trail asphalt version of the S1000RR. According to BMW, the engine, a rattling was actually considered inherited from the Roadster S1000R delivered 160 HP at 11,000 RPM. The overall weight is estimated at 228kg in running order and the 20 liter tank filled, figures contained for a bike like this. […]

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2015 BMW R 1200 R

With the overwhelming twin boxer engine as a symbol of the identity, the new BMW roadster is the last frame to receive the mechanical water cooled, after the RT and GS. The new model is equipped as standard with ABS, ASC and two driving modes. The new BMW R 1200 R employs DOHC engines currently used models as the R1200GS, R1200GS adventure, R 1200 RT and the new R 1200 RS, which are capable of performing up to 167 hp […]

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In 2009, after a time of evolution, BMW introduced that was its most ambitious sport bike to date, The S1000RR. Loaded with developments and technical solutions derived from competition, the brand marked a before and after in the segment. Now looking for a new HP4 will improves as a new option for ABS system to improve the braking in inclination. Since BMW decided to go fully into the world of sports bikes, star creation, the S1000RR became a wonder of […]

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BMW S1000R

If you own a BMW S1000R you’re in luck. The Italian firm of accessories Rhizome has developed a complete kit of items specially designed for the German supernaked that mount will boost its aggressive nature with a touch of distinction and elegance. As previously did with The Yamaha MT-07, with her older sister, The MT-09, The BMW R1200GS and countless more motorcycle premier from Rizoma have been launched to design a wide range of specific accessories for BMW S1000R. Its […]

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