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Honda Rebel Aviator Nation

Within the world of custom motorcycles there is some concern about the fact that the user of this type of bike capable has a higher average age and is in danger of relay. To combat this trend are new bikes such as the 2017 Honda Rebel, which is now even more attractive for youngsters with the Honda Rebel Aviator Nation preparation. Paige Mycoskie, founder of the Aviator Nation clothing brand, is responsible for devising this preparation, inspired by custom bikes […]

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Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

The arrival of the new Honda Africa Twin has been a major breakthrough in the world trail due to its differential off-road performance and the arrival of the automatic double-clutch shift to the segment. Waiting for Honda to officially launch a more adventurous version yet, Redmoto in Italy has introduced the Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Rally. It is one of the stars of the Motodays of Rome, with a price of 21,490 euro, 1,250 euro more with the change of […]

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Honda RC181

In the last 30 years Honda has been the manufacturer of the premier class (between 500cc and MotoGP) most important by impact and awards, although that status came not fallen from heaven. It was in 1959 when Honda made its appearance in the world, but it was not until 1966 when it made its entrance into the world of 500cc from the hand of the Honda RC181, in essence an adaptation of the Honda winners of 350cc to the category. […]

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2016 Honda CBR500R

Honda has chosen the Hall of Orlando in Florida (USA), to present a new version of its 2016 CBR500R. Aesthetically it stands out for its fairing remodeled with more sharp and aggressive lines, with a new light cluster with two front LED headlamps and much torn forms. Dome also announced greater protection which benefits the comfort of its pilot.

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2015 Honda CB190R

As manufacturer Honda continues to improve its small displacement models for succulent Asian market. While in Europe reformed the Honda CB125F as more palpable movement in the segment now Honda China launches 2015 Honda CB190R by the Honda CBF190R that has the same design and colors. Although saving the distances, the Honda CB190R baby of the design of the Honda CB1000R and you will see the seams in view of low-cost bike only by details such as optics, exhaust or […]

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Honda CB125F

The new Honda CB125F remains a practical and versatile bike, perfect to be conducted with driving experience and aiming to be an ideal tool of initiation to facilitate daily commuting. Economy of consumption and maintenance, lightness and ease of driving make a perfect alternative to the scooter. The new 2015 CB125F is designed along the lines of the CB500F and CB650F, maintaining the strengths of the previous CBF125, as its light weight (just 128 kg in running order), but significantly […]

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2015 Honda RC213V-S

The Japanese respond to stake Yamaha and Kawasaki with an ultra-equipped sports and arrives to compete with the new YZF-R1M and Kawasaki H2R. After many rumors, we know the almost final prototype of a motorcycle that is destined to go down in history as one of those legendary models. The new dream of every passionate about MotoGP racing has arrived, it is the RCV213V-S, a replica of the RC213V with which Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa compete MotoGP but with […]

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Honda CB 300F

Rumors are over. Honda has officially announced the new CB 300F, the naked version of its CBR 300R. The Japanese brand is committed, thus the segment bikes start at A2 card. Currently, this model is only sold in the American market. The Japanese firm has released the first details about what will be its new model in the market for low displacement motorcycles: Honda CB 300F. A naked mount for a segment of trendy at the moment. The lowest price, […]

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2015 CR-F 450

New motocross machines of the Japanese firm have significant developments both in the engine and suspension and chassis. Both models have a selector which varies power delivery as required. Honda has already prepared its new dirt bikes. Meanwhile, we offer you the main novelties introduced by the signing of the golden wing, which are not few. Besides logic facelift, which in this case is almost negligible since limited the size of CR-F logo on the tank, the real changes are […]

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Honda GoldWing F6C

Honda has put on sale the new GoldWing F6C. With a dominant style and a unique custom image, this cruiser, based on the GL1800 Gold Wing platform. Its retail price is €23,699. All fans of Honda Gold Wing family are lucky. After waiting several months after its official launch at the Tokyo Motor Show in November last year, the new Honda GoldWing F6C and is available throughout the dealer network of the Japanese firm.

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