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Kawasaki W800

With a W800 “Final Edition” Kawasaki announces the end of the iconic W series. Kawasaki announces the end of the W series due to future European standards for pollutant emissions. W800 with a special “Final Edition” (pictured) ends an era characterized by four-stroke engines and lighter than air cooled v-twin, begun 50 years ago. Kawasaki fans and enthusiasts from all over Europe, that will be able to win one of the limited edition models planned for 2017, so they will […]

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2016 Kawasaki D-Tracker

To those who are fond of supermoto bikes as an alternative to urban motorcycle they are sure to like the 2016 Kawasaki D-Tracker. This model for the Asian market has received major improvements to grow as a motorbike school and variant for the city. Its price departs from 28.9 million Indonesian rupees, approximately 1.800 euro to the change. Certainly the most important in the new D-Tracker is that it has done more to move from 14-inch wheels to more adult […]

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Kawasaki Ninja H2R

It is, without doubt, the bike of the year. Kawasaki engineers have struggled and worked hard to make the Ninja H2R take shape and it was a “supersport” of the epoch-making. That has positive sides, as the 300hp delivery and also some negative… The great novelty of the Intermot 2014 was the launch of the first high performance turbo moto of modern era. Back were attempts that did not come to fruition after the union of several of the most […]

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GIVI converts Kawasaki Ninja 300

The Italian firm wanted to complete the last initiation sports model launched by Kawasaki. With Accessory Kit Givi, the Ninja 300 win many points in elegance and aerodynamics, but without losing only one apex of its sporty identity. Kawasaki introduced two years ago the Ninja 300, a perfect sporty model to start the ride of sport bikes. GIVI did not want to miss the opportunity and presented a kit of exclusive accessories for the Ninja 300, and reinforce its sporty […]

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2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Kawasaki has taken a blow on the table with the presentation of one of those bikes that will mark a turning point in history. In the Hall of INTERMOT will look the racing version, leaving the enrollable for the EICMA in Milan: a pure green blood. The countdown started a month ago has come to an end. Akashi firm has developed an exquisite product that probably only be available to customers with good purchasing power. The Kawasaki Ninja H2R has […]

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2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000

It seems that three years after its launch, Kawasaki is thinking about renewing its maxitrail. The body has been completely renovated to create a sportier image than before. In full launch of its new beast, Ninja H2, we almost forgot that we can bring the rest of the 2015 2015 Kawasaki range. In 2012, Kawasaki introduced its bet maxitrail, The Versys 1000, to complement the versatile 650, akashi firm opted for a four-cylinder in line derived from the naked Z1000, […]

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Kiddimoto Kawasaki superbikes

To make this summer the “sin” of the house to enjoy the sensations on two wheels, but without the danger of engines, Kawasaki presents his new Kiddimoto, wooden replicas of motorcycle pilot Tom Sykes and Loris in the Superbike World Championship. Following the success of their previous wood Ninja, Kawasaki wants to expand its presence in this type of product and this launches the Tom Sykes and Loris Baz Replica with which the “Kings of the House” can imitate their […]

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2014 Kawasaki Z1000

The Japanese firm took the last Milan show to bring out one of its big bets for next year. The new Z1000 takes a striking design and Rhizome, like the Z800, has already prepared a line of fully customized accessories. If, according to the words of the head of design of Kawasaki, Keishu Fukumoto, the appearance of the Z1000 can be compared with that of a panther on the prowl, Rizoma work contributes to the image of this predator is […]

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Kawasaki Z300

Gradually these are coming news on what will bring the Milan EICMA Motor Show this year. Now it’s the turn of Kawasaki, which has prepared a new small-displacement naked for next year. In principle, the new Z300 motorcycle is the same as that 250, only to equip the Ninja 300 engine of 39HP instead of the 250 cc. Otherwise, the bike is light, about 168kg and seat height 780mm. With these data, a 290 mm front disc brake and a […]

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2014 Kawasaki Z1000SX

After three years on the market, the sport-tourism Kawasaki liter gets its first restyling. Aggressiveness is not lost, but the design changes slightly. The photos were taken in Norway, shooting the promotional video which will officially present the brand new model. Surely we can see in the lounge of the bike EICMA in Milan from 5 to 10 November. The Kawasaki Z1000SX was on the basis of its sister naked for reconverted based touring many parts led to improved road […]

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