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change clutch plates

The multiple clutch plates in oil, like all of them, work by sliding some pieces against others. This sooner or later causes its wear, but it is something very easy to solve. Let’s remind you of the theory of the operation of a clutch: Its function is to isolate the movement of the engine from that of the rear wheel. The operation is simple, since it consists of a series of plates that are very tight against each other, so […]

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change fork oil

The fork is losing effectiveness with the use, but as it does so constantly and very slowly you do not realize. Oil changes the returns to its original settings. Changing fork oil is not exactly easy in most cases. In some old forks, without hydraulic cartridge systems, it is possible to find drainage openings with a screw on the bottom of the bottles, which facilitate the operation, but the current forks require that you remove them from the motorcycle, which […]

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taking turns on motorbike

The percentage of road exits on motorcycle in total motorcycle accidents is increased dangerously, going beyond 50%, which forces a reflection, which obliges a reflection: do we taking turns correctly? Many you know the theory, but it is not worth remembering it. Most important of all is to access it at a prudent speed, if we were more forced of the account will be very difficult to rectify. It is necessary to brake looking for the outside of the curve, […]

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proper motorcycle riding position

Although a priori not enough, motorcycle driving is as demanding physically as the practice of a sport, which requires a number of precautions not to suffer unexpected injuries on it. Of truism is to advise a complete equipment that covers all the skin but it is also recommended among other things the use of lumbar support belt for long trips or short if you have discomfort in the back area. It is also advisable to use kneepads in circuit and […]

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KTM 1290 Super Adventure

The Austrian brand KTM has called review models of KTM 1290 Super Adventure by 2015 and 2016. The owners must go through your local dealer to check the semi-active rear shock and update its software. This decision was the result of a study of KTM, which found that the semi-active rear shock absorber of these models can register a lack of tightness in the area of the connector. As a result of the loss of oil can damage the interior […]

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aware on the road

We all know that riding a motorbike is fun. It’s thrilling to feel the rush of the wind as you race down the open road. It’s incredible when you lean to turn, and you’re almost touching the tarmac. It’s breathtaking to stop after traveling at a breakneck speed. All that is true. But as a motorcyclist, you have to be aware of the dangers present on the road. You need to understand that you are more vulnerable than anyone else […]

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go on motorcycle

On many occasions between car and motorcycle accidents occur because from inside the cars have not been able to perceive the presence of the bike. We review some tips that must be taken into account. One of the most difficult things you have done to move the motorcycle is that it is a much smaller vehicle than the rest of those in everyday streets and highways of every town or city. This, which is also part of its advantage and […]

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maintain seat height

The seat height is one of the measures of the motorcycles that most interested in a good part of the bikers, because nothing is more uncomfortable and makes it feel more mistrust that do not arrive with the feet to the floor when maneuvering at low speed or in moments of up and get off the bike. In addition to clearly influence the driver confidence, it does so in comfort, because the triangle formed by the handlebars, seat and the […]

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The Tokyo Motorcycle Show has always been a source of news, one of the stars of the last edition was this amazing electric bike, called zecOO. Designed by Kota Nezu of Znug Design. An electric motorcycle really unusual 2.45 meters long, with the saddle just 67cm from the ground and a weight of 290kg, single arm fork with both front and rear. The electric motor delivers 75kW and is powered by lithium-ion batteries from 7.5kWh. The technical details of this […]

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bike riding

There is nothing more thrilling than riding your motorcycle down a forest trail in the warm months of summer. It’s much better than dealing with the cold snows of winter or dealing with thick fog that curls around you, blinding your path. When summer comes a calling, it’s time to make sure your bike works and leap on it and go explore the wild outdoors. The thrill that flows through your blood as you speed along the trails and roads […]

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