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2017 Lambretta V-Special

The nostalgia for the retro is still in force and therefore there is a lot of ground for the arrival of models like the Lambretta V-Special, the last attempt to re-emerge the laurels of the Italian manufacturer. The fact is that the Lambretta V-Special has little Italian, since it is the Austrian group KSR that has put what is necessary to start up the project, the design is from the Kiska study (the same one who signs the KTM) and […]

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Currently there are few manufacturers who have dared to launch an electric propulsion maxiscooter. One is the North American ZEV, which just unveiled the details of its new ZEV LRC-X. Its price in the US is $15,950, something more than 15,000 euro prohibitive. ZEV ensures that they will launch the model in Europe under the standards of performance of the A1 card, therefore with own power 15 hp models of 125 cc.

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2017 Honda PCX 125

The Honda PCX 125 has remained the market leader since 2013. The success of this scooter is due thanks to the experience of Honda, perfected year after year. The 2017 PCX 125 features a modern design as well as robust, able to adapt to urban lifestyle taking into account aesthetics. Its compact dimensions allow progress through the dense traffic and easy to park. Personal comfort level “X” that gives the name is due to its integrated driving position; large space […]

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Suzuki Hustler Scoot

Suzuki will present the Hustler Scoot at the Tokyo Motor Show. Suzuki will present scooter at the Tokyo Motor called a curious Suzuki Hustler Scoot, which is characterized by its imaginative baggage handling. To begin with the gap between the seat and the shield it is designed so that a square case, that not only fits perfectly but does not bother to drive. In addition, the hollow of the Suzuki Hustler Scoot seat has a front flap that allows you […]

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2015 Suzuki Address 110

Suzuki has introduced a new attractive and simple for those who watch pocket scooter. The Address 110 is a high wheel modern and functional, with a very tight level of consumption and perfect performance for the city. Suzuki is one of the most powerful manufacturers of scooter industry is something no doubt. That the Burgman has been the king of the segment for several years is a sign that Suzuki knows how to make a scooter and knows perfectly the […]

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suitcase scooter

As large as China and with the limitations and shortcomings of the giant Asian country is a breeding ground for all kinds of inventions and gadgets. It is common to see how farmers are also those who spend time doing creations “bizarre” as it is the case of this suitcase-scooter. Expected to carry around a suitcase or move through the halls in airports and stations is not more “cool” you can do. It is habitual be in distress when one […]

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Piaggio Beverly 300 S

The Beverly 300 S is the new addition of Piaggio in the high wheel family model of the Italian firm. This scooter is among the basic category of 125 cc and 350 and comes with a modern sport touch. For this 2014, Piaggio has developed a scooter that, with the same technical performance and quality always includes sportier and attractive finishes. After a decade of history and success, the new version of Beverly, 300 S, looks to continue the leadership […]

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Tweet Evo 125

Peugeot Scooter has one of the broadest ranges of the market for scooters. In the premium segment, light wheel, scooter Tweet has been a great success and now comes a new version, as its name suggests, evolved. The family Tweet expands in March with the arrival of the new Tweet Evo 125. The urban scooter by excellence of Peugeot proposed in 2014 a reestyling, incorporating new equipment options and refines the quality of its finishes. It has updated the front, […]

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BMW C evolution

BMW Motorrad fully enters the world of eco scooter with the new C evolution, electric motor scooter that after years of evolution seems to soon see the light. The whole propeller C evolution is formed by the swing with permanent water-cooled synchronous motor, timing belt and gearbox planetary gear. The nominal power of 11kW (15hp) and maximum power is 35kW (47.5hp). The C evolution reaches a top speed of 120 km/h (limited electronically) and has a capacity of acceleration than […]

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yamaha three wheeled scooter

The mark of the tuning forks presented next year its first three-wheeled scooter. With this new model Yamaha will become the first Japanese who committed this segment, following the steps of Piaggio, Gilera, Quadro, Adiva and Peugeot. The market for three-wheeled scooter is booming, and Yamaha did not want left behind. Although not named as we have seen pictures of the new scooter that the firm presented at the EICMA in Milan and you can buy next year 2014.

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