Today: April 21, 2024
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Confirmed the specifications of the Honda CBR400R

The new sports filed two months ago in Japan is shown as the radical face of the same coin that the Honda CBR500R which is already available in Europe.

Honda CBR400R

The Honda CBR400R filed last March in the Hall of Osaka has emerged as the direct competitor of the Kawasaki Ninja 300 or of the future KTM RC390… if only in some Asian markets. The specifications provided by Honda in Japan confirmed that it is a more radical sport that the CBR500R that has been marketed in the European markets, with a very similar level of performance but a different profile.

The power difference between a CBR400R and CBR500R is marginal, only 1 kW (1.35 HP) less for the 400 cc, which gives the 46 hp to 9,500 rpm compared with 47 CV at 8,500 rpm of the CBR500R. Obviously by the difference in displacement (399 cc versus 471 cc) yes there is a significant variation in terms of delivery of torque, with 37 Nm at 7,500 for the CBR400R and 43 Nm at 7,000 rpm for the CBR500R. The sport will be marketed in Japan is also 2 kg lighter than the European.

The two parallel cylinder water-cooled 4-stroke and 4-valve DOHC the CBR400R share a diameter of 67 mm with the CBR500R, with 10.2 mm less than race. Its compression ratio is of 11:1 by 10.7:1 of its older sister.

The launch of the Honda CBR500R is part of a series of new products with very restricted consumption and a good level of performance that are more friendly to fit within the limits imposed by the A2 card, as with the family NC700. The CBR400R, meanwhile, shows that the Japanese brand position is different in Asian markets, which itself raise a Kawasaki or KTM competition with products of similar characteristics and driving style.

The last element of the puzzle Honda CBR is a seventh variant, and could reach certain Asian markets during the coming September. Since it is unlikely the coexistence of these two displacements in the same dealer, some sources pointed to that might be the replacement for the CBR250R.