The Californian Adrian Van Anz is marking its own style with a new line of vintage motorcycles inspired by the popular motorcycle racing on wooden tracks in eight decades ago. If you have €2,600 you can purchase one.

Derringer Cycles

The retro wave that pervades everything around us, of course, is also present in Los Angeles in the hands of designer Adrian Van Anz. Since 2006 manufactures a motor bike with name of firearm (but with double “r”) of the most exclusive and minimalist, as both price and design are on another level.

Inspired speed bikes from the ‘20s; the Derringer Cycle is driven by a small single cylinder engine GXH Honda of 50cc and 4T with centrifugal clutch and Keihin carburetor providing 2.5 HP at 7,000 rpm and reach 55 km/h. This mechanism provides consumption and very low emissions. The tubular steel frame is handcrafted, features TIG welds, and uses Springer front suspension while the rear is stiff. Maintaining the operation of the pedals and the overall weight is 30 kg. The accelerator is conventional, is started with cable puller and used caliper brake.

The possibilities are almost endless finish, with over 200 color options that no two Derringer equal. The seat springs or tires can also be customized. Depending on the client, each bike is equipped according to the approval in force in the country to which it is intended. For example, the lighting lies with acetylene lamps… as in vintage motorcycles!





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