The Kawasaki just shows one of their new products, the ATV Brute Force 300. This atv Kawasaki model emphasizes ease of driving on any surface, the cooling system and its strong presence in the agricultural world. It measures 1.9 meters long, one meter wide and 1.1 high. It also has a load capacity of 227 kilos.

kawasaki brute force 300

Another feature that stands out is its single cylinder engine of 300 cc which has liquid cooling and a five-speed automatic transmission with reverse, making it safe to operate a vehicle under the conditions of the Chilean countryside.

Also atv Kawasaki adds a digital instrument panel, along with other details like the parking brake, cargo, rack slide and a design inspired by the “brothers” of the line.

Besides the Brute Force 300 features a 12-liter tank and a maximum power of 16.0 kW {22} CV to 7,500 rpm. Its front suspension is independent and the rear swingarm, both with adjustable spring preload in five positions. You are learn more about similar side by side atv model here.

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