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Donky: A double burden bike

One of the major disadvantages of the bicycles is that its don’t have enough space to carry things: although some have a basket, it does not always fit in the wine and snacks we buy in the supermarket, the tools we need for school or work.

Donky bicycle

That is why designers try to new models that fit our needs: there is, for example, Bridgestone Angelino Petite, which has space for one or two babies in a chair fully insured. And, we now know, is also in the market Donky bike, offering not one but two load baskets and ideal for getting around the city.

The Donky bicycle appears half versatile and convenient transportation. It was designed by Ben Wilson and Jonathan Pooley with the idea of being able to carry things on journeys not very long. Wilson and Pooley, who live in London, they realized that the city continues to grow rapidly, usually people increasingly use of bicycles and the models available in the market are not well suited to the urban context: mountain bikes with a lot of equipment but does not serve much in the urban environment. The idea was to create a bike that does not stop being lightweight despite its double burden and could also be used without the baskets. A compact bike for daily life (not to keep it stored while it’s time to walk in the forest). Oh, and that was affordable.

What can be worn on the Donkey? Anything that is not too large: packages, groceries, wines, beer, toolboxes, books, toys and even one or two medium dogs. It is assumed that the bike has good stability on the handlebars, even at low speeds. Available in lime green and black, and costs 499 pounds plus postage, depending on the customer location.

Thing that the idea will spread and many bike manufacturers take the idea, because we can not deny that it is functional.

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