Today: May 24, 2024
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Dry Helmet: Definitive helmet dryer

One of the most annoying problems for motorists is accumulated in the town, especially in sweat hot days. To fix this, the Italian firm Capit has developed helmet dryer Dry Helmet, which removes in minutes all traces of moisture from the inside.

Dry Helmet

Whether it’s after a long route, after shot in circuit or after a stroll through the city, the town suffers. It sweat accumulates, humidity, dirt… disadvantages are exacerbated if the outside temperature is high it accumulates. All this generates, if it does not dry off on time, an annoying smell and problems of comfort when you turn to put on it.

Therefore, Capit, the Italian brand known for providing tire warmers to Yamaha and Ducati in MotoGP, has gone a step beyond the tires and has focused on the world of the hull, with the creation of device Dry Helmet.

This accessory is as basic as functional. Composed of a plastic base with built-in fan, goal is to dry the hull. Its operation is simple: the helmet is placed on the base, choose if you want cold or warm air, and pressing the power button. The fan channels the air to the interior, which accelerates evaporation, resulting in a dry town in a few minutes. This will prevent odor problems in subsequent uses of the hull. The use of this device helps keep your helmet clean, but not to deny that occasionally cleanse the inner lining of your helmet.

The Dry Helmets are available with power supply 230V and 110V and in black or silver color. It is priced at €159.90.