Best tire manufacturers differ from the rest in that basically invest large sums of money in testing their products and have the best engineers to develop them. This is reflected perfectly in the development of the tire Dunlop Roadsmart III, specially designed for Sport Touring motorcycles. This wheel will come in January 2016 in 18 different sizes.

Dunlop Roadsmart III

Dunlop has shot a whopping 1.2 million kilometers over a period of 31 months to find appropriate drawing and composition. The key is the new IGT technology (interconnecting groove tread), first for the brand, a new wear resistant compound both dry and wet conditions. It is also the first tire from Dunlop whose drawing is designed in the Advanced Design Studio of the brand. Therefore represents a new standard of quality for them.

Andy Marfleet, Marketing Director of Dunlop Europe Motorcycle: To reach our goal, which was to obtain an extraordinary tire in its category, we evaluated more than 200 compounds and different possible structures. Throughout its 31-month, our intensive testing program focused on new materials, prototyping and advanced composite band, up to the final specification.

The Roadmaster III has been designed, manufactured and developed at the heart of Dunlop European innovation where to leave the tires for example John McGuinness used in the road races like the Isle of Man TT. Best guarantee there is its quality.

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