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Everything You Need to Know About Battery Chargers

When it’s a perfect day for a motorcycle ride, do you head to the garage and hope your battery isn’t dead? To tell you the truth, most don’t give it any thought, but if you want to ride and all you hear is click-click-click, it can be so disappointing! Did you know you can avoid this scenario with a routine maintenance program that includes a high-quality battery charger?

motorcycle battery chargers

The world of battery chargers can be confusing. Thankfully, there are people who have devoted time and energy to testing them so you can narrow it down.

Aren’t all battery chargers alike?

The best motorcycle battery chargers can be left on without any worry of overcharging. They’re called smart chargers, and they really are a game-changer in the battery world. Smart chargers hold their voltage at prime level, while reducing the current to almost nothing. This prevents overcharging even if you leave the charger on for months at a time.

The difference between having a steady charge and having to charge your battery repeatedly is probably obvious – it’s easier! But smart chargers offer more. This type of charger is actually better for the battery itself.

How long does it take for motorcycle batteries to discharge?

Any battery will discharge over time. It doesn’t have to be in use or connected to anything, either. Newer batteries take longer to discharge than older ones. A variety of factors weigh on the longevity of battery life, including how often the motorcycle is used and what type of battery you’re using. It’s not uncommon in colder climates for motorcycles to sit for months at a time. This drains the battery, and repeated draining isn’t good for battery life. Battery chargers are the easiest answer to keeping charged at all times and helping to extend battery life.

What’s the best battery charger for my motorcycle?

The decision regarding what battery charger to purchase for your motorcycle depends on the size and voltage of your battery. Here are a few highly recommended chargers:

If you have a small battery (under 20 AH [Amp/Hours]), the Schauer Charge Master CM1A may be your best choice to help keep your motorcycle battery maintained while in storage.

For a larger battery, you may want to use a slightly higher amp charger. This is important in order to not overwork your charger. The NOCO Genius G1100 or the NOCO Genius 6v 12v 350 mA Wicked Smart Battery Charger G3500 for those larger motorcycle batteries that fall in the 21-30 AH range. The NOCO G3500 is ideal as it can recover the battery within a few hours whereas the smaller version could take more than a day on a larger battery.

If you choose a good quality charger, you’re making the best choice for your battery protection. You’re also making it easier for yourself, since the charger takes care of things for you.

Doesn’t starting my motorcycle in the winter charge the battery?

Many people assume they can go out to the garage, start their motorcycle and that charges the battery sufficiently over winter. This isn’t a bad idea for the motorcycle mechanics, but it doesn’t charge the battery.

The motorcycle battery doesn’t start charging when the motor is idle. In fact, sometimes you need to get as high as 5000 RPM before it begins charging at all. You would need to get your motorcycle motor going at that level for 10 – 15 minutes. A good battery charger will hold the charge through the winter, whether you run it or not. You won’t have to take a ride in the cold or try to rev your engine in your freezing garage either. Again, battery chargers simply do the work for you!

Where do I start to find the best battery charger for my motorcycle?

At, they only sell smart chargers. They also review and test every product on their site and the only ones they select have found to be reliable and durable.

They stock chargers for all types of batteries, including 6v and 12v motorcycle batteries, from a variety of brands including Battery Tender, Battery Saver, NOCO Genius, OptiMATE, and Pulse Tech. If you have questions, reading articles about battery charging is a good place to start. They offer FAQs, tutorials and a variety of information that can help you make the right decision on batteries, battery chargers, and other types of battery maintenance products.