Today: April 25, 2024
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FX Mountain Moto: The lightest bike in the world

The New Zealand Company FX Bikes built which they say is the world’s lightest off-road bike: only 57 kg. A mixture between a downhill bike and motorcycle field, with Japanese 125 4T engines, 150 and 190 cc. At least, it seems fun.

FX Mountain Moto

Mix a bike and a motor is something that is at the origin of the bikes itself. But lately something seems to return to the limelight. Derringer Cycles or MotoPed Californians are two of the most representative examples of this trend.

But FX Bikes goes a step further. Its “Mountain Moto” is more than a bike with engine or a replica of the bikes as they were 100 years ago. It is a true off-road bike that based on the most sophisticated downhill bikes, with all adapted to this new idea components, employs a Daytona 4T engine.

Also, the quality of its components; you can find names like FX in Excel Takasago in tires, Acerbis in accessories or Ohlins on rear suspensions. By now there are options in tubular steel box to titanium chassis. And engines from 125 cc to 190 cc optional through the 150 cc, all of Japanese origin, very simple in design and reliable.

Prices range from $3,995 (in the factory) to more than $11,000 can cost you a choice of titanium chassis with suspensions “cool” level and other options.