Today: May 19, 2024
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GIVI Tanklock: Easy and simple tank bag

GIVI, Italian company, with over 35 years experience in manufacturing accessories for the motorcycle and the rider with its unique method of attachment for tank bags: The Tanklock.

GIVI Tanklock

The fastening system allows you to place and remove Tanklock tank bag in seconds with the added security. This innovative product from the Italian firm GIVI saves time for the rider, not having to use uncomfortable straps, and you can drive with peace of carrying luggage and stable subject safely, without disturbing the driver. The main features of this system patented by the signing of Brescia are simplicity, functionality and security, an element that surprises everyone who knows it and makes it easier to your everyday bike.

It consists of a metal ring that is fixed by three screws at the mouth of the bike tank, and a metal ring that is fixed at the bottom of the bag. Once the metal ring attached to the bike tank, put the bag will be as simple as pressure to small higher ring anchors conform to the lower ring. After hearing a click, the bag will securely and firmly fixed to the bike tank. To remove the bag simply operating the lever located at the base thereof.

Further, the base of the bag includes a set of five adjustable positions. Thus, the ring can be placed foremost or later, depending on the type of bike and the riding position of the pilot.

The Tanklock system allows the attachment of a large number of GIVI bags, which allows choosing between different storage capacities depending on the different needs of the moment. This way, you can leave the attachment installed on the bike and change bag in the blink of an eye according to the type of displacement requiring rider to perform.

To meet the different charging needs, depending on the type of movement, GIVI has developed Tanklock bags in multiple capacities, materials and designs. The bags found from medium size as the XS306 (25 liters) or XS308 (20 liters) up to semi-rigid bags thermo molded smaller as 3D603 (4 liters) or 3D604 (15 liters). This type of bags provides a great comfort to the rider, since, in addition, have transparent screens to place tablets/smartphones, allowing you to use its GPS functions while driving.