Today: July 25, 2024
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GIVI Trekker Outback Trunks: Reliable on any route

If you are considering expanding the capacity of your bike trail to save everything you need to take a summer trip, GIVI has developed a new rear trunk Trekker Outback that complete the range of aluminum by the Italian manufacturer.

GIVI Trekker Outback Trunks

In this case GIVI has designed two 42 and 58 liters rear bags capacity in finished aluminum and matte black. The smaller version has enough to house a full face helmet space, while in 58 liters can carry up to two helmets and ideal for storing large luggage.

The Trekker Outback have been developed by GIVI so that your luggage is protected even with bad weather conditions and in more complicated routes. With its aluminum manufacturing alloy sheet of 1.5 mm thick polymer reinforcement’s closures and corners, new bags are completely waterproof, stable and resilient. In addition, the thick mat of rubber that Brescia factory added at the bottom of the bags reduces vibrations and impacts transmitted by the bike, protecting even more luggage.

Monokey Fixing
The new Trekker Outback incorporated, like the rest of the range, the Monokey locking system patented by GIVI, which offers a quick, easy and secure attachment. The Monokey allows through a single key can control the opening, closing, connection and release of the suitcases to the bike.

Optional Accessories
There are a number of items that can complement the Trekker Outback Rear: from the backs of polyurethane for the passenger (E157 or E158), passing by an elastic network slides up to two types of internal waterproof bags (T511 or T512). Besides these optional accessories, new GIVI bags include a cover and four smooth belts, for additional bags or carrying items, if necessary.

The 42 liter Trekker Outback aluminum suitcase is sold for a price of €329 (VAT included) while Black Line version sells for €362 (VAT included). Meanwhile, the 58 liters bag at a cost of €417 (VAT included) in its standard version and €457 (VAT included) for Black Line version.