It is most likely that you’ve already seen one or another model of the retro range of Hanway, some bikes that have attracted attention for having a very attractive look at an unbeatable price.

Hanway Scrambler 125

There are no motorbikes that look for the maximum performance; there are machines that try to provide the user with the necessary thing to enjoy the motorcycling. Following the same philosophy, Hanway has introduced a new model of vintage family, Scrambler 125.

This new Scrambler comes with knobby tires, pure, light off-road profile on 18″ front and 17″ rear tires. It is a petite bike with 720mm seat for virtually anyone to reach the ground without much problem.

Following this economic nature, the engine is a single cylinder 4-stroke with 10.2 hp and 10 Nm that has all the earmarks of consuming exactly the same as a cigarette lighter. Anchored to the engine we see a leakage in the shape of much obtained megaphone.

In the back we see some adjustable hydraulic dampers in preload and LED lighting and a basic inverted fork in the front. Its dashboard displays everything what we could wish for; speed, mileage, count laps, fuel level and gear indicator.

The price is authentic demolition, 2,095 euro and will be available in British green in late September.

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