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Harley-Davidson introduces the Quarter Mile, Sweet 70’s and Dark Edition 2013

Milwaukee firm presented three new and exclusive versions of its Sportster family, on the occasion of the second edition of the Harley Premiere Night. For something special, these limited editions will seduce the beginning.

Harley Davidson bike

Harley-Davidson has reinvented its Sportster Iron 883 and Forty-Eight 1200 for market, resulting in three unique motorcycles suitable for minorities. Only 175 units will be manufactured by adding the three together, giving an idea of the zeal with which have been spoiled these new models. In this sense, all of them have the air filter cover custom with their respective design and name, or for example, in the case of the buyer of the first Iron 883 Quarter mile, your deposit will be marked with the spelling “1 of 25” to indicate that this unity is the first of the 25 existing.

Quarter Mile LE (€12,250)
The Iron 883 Quarter Mile notable for its aesthetic _Cafe _ Racer, thanks mainly to sport headlight mask, the new Drag Bar handlebars, narrow, flat and more aggressive, and a custom paint on the fuel tank and rear fender. It also includes leather seat Brawler, instrumentation with digital speedometer included in the analogue rev counter and the Screamin Eagle exhaust protectors. It also has keel and gas cap, cuffs and special footrests. There will only be 25 units on request.

Sweet Seventies (€13,700)
In the seventies Forty-Eight 1200 Sweet Seventies prevails glitter gloss paint Custom Hard Candy, flavored with a handlebar Hollywood style black years 40, the spring seat car with upholstery of lozenges rimmed in white and the fists, also in white. A Harley-Davidson as you complete your retro vintage look with the air filter cover and custom exhaust protectors polished nickel. It also draws attention to the oil temperature gauge digital relay rod change, footrests sports and Billet gas cap. There will only be 50 units.

Dark Edition (€10,750)
The Iron 883 Dark Edition version is the easiest of the three to achieve an aesthetic blend Black Denim, dark and sinister, with agile handling and comfort offered by a new flat handlebars with mirrors anchored to the bottom, the advanced pedals and a lowered suspension. It includes passenger seat and special shock absorbers. There will only be 100 units.

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