Today: May 24, 2024
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Hevik technical underwear, comfort and breathability for biker

To avoid the discomfort of hot days that lie ahead, Hevik has prepared a set of technical undergarments of summer that offer good breathability and allow the rider optimum mobility on two wheels.

Hevik technical underwear

The Italian brand of equipment Hevik has developed a line of technical summer clothing for use as a base layer under motorcycle clothing in order that the heat does not ruin your summer bike rides.

The new techniques of Hevik garments (two shirts and three quarter pant) are designed to offer maximum comfort and allow for optimal thermoregulation of the body. Of course, maintaining a distinctive Italian style. The firm has used high-performance materials (Dryarn®, Spandex® and Resistex Carbon) and latest technology to keep dry skin and prevent excessive sweating.

Technical shirt Air tech
The Air Tech of Hevik is a technical short sleeve soft touch and a military design in gray tones. It can be worn under clothing or independently. Sold in sizes from S to XXL and cost is €38 (VAT included).

Technical shirt HUS05
The technique sleeveless HUS05 is designed with a network fabric that prevents friction on the skin jackets or coveralls and keeps body temperature stable. Available in sizes ranging from S to XXL and with a price of €40 (VAT included).

Technical Pant HUS03
The HUS03 are made with the same fabric that the shirts and is ideal to stand under any mono or pants as they facilitate the task of dressing and undressing. These technical pants are traded at a price of €38 (VAT included) and in sizes ranging from S to XXL.