The new Honda CB125F remains a practical and versatile bike, perfect to be conducted with driving experience and aiming to be an ideal tool of initiation to facilitate daily commuting. Economy of consumption and maintenance, lightness and ease of driving make a perfect alternative to the scooter.

Honda CB125F

The new 2015 CB125F is designed along the lines of the CB500F and CB650F, maintaining the strengths of the previous CBF125, as its light weight (just 128 kg in running order), but significantly improving the quality, design and driving dynamics. An upright and relaxed driving, wide handlebars and 18″ wheels (in the previous CBF125 were 17″) affect comfort, stability and great confidence to the driver.

The heart of the new Honda CB125F is robust single cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection. Given its performance being a 125cc engine, this has been developed to provide a good delivery of torque from low to medium speed. The engine is easy to handle and smooth at any speed with the addition of a balancer shaft. Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning its low consumption of only 1.94L/100 km, which gives it an amazing range of over 600 km (with a deposit of 13 liters).

Although Honda has not released yet RRP of this model, this is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the new CB125F, as it will have a very affordable price. It will be available in blue, white and red color.

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