Today: May 19, 2024
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Honda CB500X Review

The smallest of the Honda X series is simple and easy asphalt trail, the perfect first step to access the world of “big bike”. The adjusted price finishes off a launch of what is expected an immediate success.

Honda CB500X

The Honda X family thrives on four models: Crosstourer, Crossrunner, NC700X and now the CB500X. They are easily recognized by the front “duckbill” and that all belong to the trail segment, yes, each interprets in its own way. The new, smaller X, like its “twin” CBR500R and CB500F with which it shares engine and chassis, makes the segment of 500cc bikes back to life again.

A perfect first step for those with the A2 card and make their first steps in the world of big bike. An example of that signature wing points directly at young people is that it has tried to minimize manufacturing costs (occurs at the Honda factory in Thailand) CB500X to offer a price that is below 6,000 euros (ABS included). All claims, and not just for young people.

Honda CB500X

Its condition of bike trail (but trail at the end of the day), makes the driving position is very comfortable and natural to bring the body upright. This is thanks to high handlebars, a low seat and stirrups little late. The nearly 200 kg of weight in running order do not represent a problem, perhaps to move it in stopped, it is also easy to reach to the ground, which is a recommended bike to riders of all sizes.

The chassis is simple but really effective. Running the suspension setting is noticed immediately very suitable for a “all-purpose” is to start going fast when deficiencies are apparent for example in the fork, something soft and without any regulation. This really is not a serious problem since the behavior is generally good, fits perfectly into the curves, with stability and poise. Also it proves to be very light in stretches re-toned with connected curves.

The rear shock is progressive and has nine possible preload regulations. When we find a curb independent braking scheme also works with ABS (which comes standard), a system-intrusive and complete effect in stopping the bike under heavy braking. Riding series Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires (same Crossrunner and Crosstourer riding), a guarantee in terms of grip and good behavior in general.