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Honda CBR 600RR

The mythical CBR 600RR is renewed with a MotoGP inspired aerodynamics, also incorporates changes in the fork, electronic dimmer, rear suspension, new wheels and injection maps.

Honda CBR 600RR

Honda renewal one of its most popular models, the Honda CBR 600RR. The first changes we observe are aesthetic and wearing a new fairing inspired by Honda RC213V MotoGP. These changes are improved by more than 6% friction in standard driving position and 5% in the sports position.

The new headlight fairing incorporates a double headlight line-beam, strategically located to help channeling air to the duct ram-air.
It also incorporates new cast aluminum wheels of twelve radios.

The suspensions have also been modified. Incorporates a Showa Big Piston inverted fork with 41mm rods, fully adjustable, by increasing the grip of the front wheel and get a more stable under braking. As for the rear suspension Unit Pro-Link, have improved performance at low speed and has given it greater tact in the initial phase of operation.

It keeps the engine from the previous edition, but the maps are optimized injection (PGM-DSFI), improving throttle response and the regime around the tachometer. In addition to softening the power delivery to facilitate the sporty driving.

Thanks to its electronic steering damper Honda HESD (Honda Electronic Steering Damper) improve high speed stability without adversely affecting low speeds.

The C-ABS braking system may be installed as an option. The new 2013 CBR 600RR will be available in three colors: Repsol, tricolor (red, white and blue) and black graphite.

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