Honda puts in promoting its Crosstourer,a maxi trail with V4 engine that you can now purchase from €15.949 with luggage and top box included in the price. In addition, in future there will be other benefits for their future owners.

Honda Crosstourer

Honda has just announced an interesting promotion for Crosstourer, whereby if you are interested in the great trail V4 brand, can take it now with luggage, rear top box and also benefit from some more advantages.

So, you can enjoy your Crosstourer with these interesting official accessories to help you enjoy long trips and increase load capacity.

Both suitcases as the top box have the highest quality guaranteed by Honda. As for the bags, these are placed directly on the bike without installing any anchor. The right suitcase has a capacity of 35 liters, while in the left, 39 liters, can save up to a full face helmet. The top rear box is extensible and its capacity goes from 32 to 39 liters, so we can also accommodate other helmet.

In addition to this exciting promotion, you can also take advantage of HondaPlus service, whereby, for just 250 euros, you will get benefits as the official warranty extension to four years.

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