Today: May 24, 2024
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Honda Introduces New MSX125

Honda has just announced the launch of a new 2013 model: The MX125 (Mini Street X-treme 125), a practice inspired citizen Monkey 1963 concept, but with current technology. Arrive in the second quarter.

Honda MSX125

The new 2013 Honda MSX125 continue cost containment policy launched by the Japanese giant in recent years. A naked youth model, dynamic, urban, economical and easy to drive targeted at younger users or those who want something versatile to move between urban traffic. Its contained dimensions, low seat height and agility, the MSX125 make it an excellent tool for those who are in “this of motorcycles”.

The MSX mounted horizontal single cylinder engine the scooter Wave 125, 8.5 CV. It is a 125 cc engine and injection tweaked to optimize consumption and enhance the delivery of torque. This naked incorporates a gearbox with four speeds.

Regarding the chassis, inverted fork features, mono-shock rear suspension, disc brakes on both trains and 12-inch wheels. It will be available in black, white, yellow and red. The price has not been confirmed yet and will be manufactured in Thailand.

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